3D Interactive Thought Leaders

Imaging having 3D Photorealistic Avatars acting as virtual Thought Leaderss to deliver key voice messages and information for you in a digital shape and interact with your customers through a close-to-reality experience.

These digital twins are perfect to create marketing video capsules, product information and targeted messages to be communicated to your clients as quick snackables.

Some available key features:

  • Custom Avatar Design
  • Playback of Scripted Messages
  • Lypsinc with Real Audio
  • Integration into 3D Spaces
  • Quick Delivery of Key Information

How can the 3D Interactive Thought Leaders improve my work?

Having your own team of Virtual Thought Leaders can help your company to reach your customers with relevant content and information more effectively and convenient for them. You can integrate this solution into your existing online channels and communications strategy to create exciting experience for your customers.