3D Virtual Mall

Surfernet's 3D Virtual Mall solution provides small and medium-sized businesses with the chance to close the gap between online retail and the traditional real shopping. This unique innovative shopping solution offers a more efficient, less costly, much safer channel to engage with customers, while delivering a higher-quality service environment for loyal customers.

The 3D Virtual Mall has the extreme potential to revolutionize the way we do business, including multiple marketing opportunities for ongoing engagement to enhance the customer shopping experience while elevating the value of all participating brands. Merchants can choose between different virtual shop categories and marketing packages to build their own business strategy.

Some available key features:

  • Online Stores Management via an Administration Dashboard
  • eCommerce Solution to Sell Products & Services
  • 3Virtual Shop Branding & Customization
  • Real Time Notifications Channel
  • Social Interaction Capabilities
  • Complete Metrics & Advanced Customer Knowledge
  • Accessible from Any Device Inlucing VR Goggles