OneLink - Beyond the Booth Experience

To get the most out of a congress or event the key factor is to establish a continuity in time, so users/customers expect to receive follow-up news, notifications and relevant reminders between different meetings to build loyalty, recurring customers, and consistency in the engagement and communication experience.

OneLink is an overall hybrid online platform that “adds-up” and connect all those positive results as time goes by, growing and maintaining those customers engaged within on-line & on-site events.

Some available key features:

  • Easy deployment to customer's smarthpones
  • Real Time Push Notifications
  • Instant Delivery of Promotional/Unbranded Material
  • Administration Dashboard to Track Customers Engagement
  • Delivery of targeted Resources based on A.I. algorithms

How can OneLink improve my work?

The OneLink online platform is much more than a simple congress management software, it incorporates many other features that make it a solution that brings great benefits to both users and the company. The software allows the administrators to define and execute communication campaigns through the internal notification channel before the event, during it, and once it ends.

Using OneLink to enhance the participation in your company's on-line & on-site events will give you a broad vision about the performance and results of the company's marketing and promotion efforts, providing highly valuable metrics and statistics in real time. This will greatly help teams to improve their strategies by adapting to the real activity & needs of their potential customers.